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BTP Publishing, is a pioneer in inventory book publishing, printing, fulfillment and distribution. We continue to expand our inventory book fulfillment network, allowing publishers and authors to seamlessly distribute their content through existing channels, as well as to leading retailers, e-tailers, distributors and other specialty book sales markets.

BTP Publishing provides professional services that enable authors to publish their own work, and by doing so, allows authors to retain control of their books' sales strategies and their profits. Offering a wide range of services from professional book interior and exterior design to editing and promotional tools, thousands of authors have taken advantage of our Unique Publishing System platform and expert staff to make their dreams a reality.

BTP Publishing Services allow leading publishers to bring books back into print, test experimental titles and market niche content without the risks associated with predictive printing and distribution. Smaller publishers take advantage of BTP Publishing fulfillment services, so they can concentrate on other important aspects of their businesses.

The primary driving force of BTP Publishing is our customers. In every interaction, we strive to exceed expectations, listen and respond with a caring staff, thorough information, relevant products and quality services. As a result, BTP Publishing continues to grow and innovate the industry with a new vision, unique programs and unparalleled opportunities.

BTP Publishing provides engaging content that equips, encourages and empowers people to embrace their personal power in piloting their path to purpose. Our authors are a next-level minded, and focused on helping others be their best, by preparing to confront what’s next on their journey to purpose.  

BTP Publishing is the dedicated publishing platform for Built To Prosper Companies Inc. and independent authors. BTP Publishing, is the leading self-publishing company in the world. At BTP Publishing, you as the author own all rights to your book. Author retains 100% of the rights and copyright licenses to the manuscript and all other materials submitted to BTP Publishing. We turn your manuscript  into a high-quality book with minimal investment. Your book can be in print within three to six months of manuscript submission.

BTP Publishing, have offices in Orlando, Florida, New York City, and South Carolina.